Late Thursday evening, Deadmau5 took to his official Youtube page to upload several videos showing mysterious portions of his reimagined Cube 2.0 design, set to tour with him beginning this March. The clips show graphic renderings of the type of images that will cover the face of the new Cube, complete with music syncing and dynamic design elements.

The first two videos, “Infra Turbo Super Sync” and “Infra Turbo Super Sync Comp Cheating,” show a very similar layout. When a new note is pressed, the small white bars along the cube’s surface pulse in different patterns. As the speed is increased, the pulses pick up pace to keep in time.

The third clip, “Midi Into Cinema4D Test. Pitches!” shows a completely novel design scheme, with harsh angles and ever-changing columns that appear to protrude from the cube’s exterior.

For prospective attendees of Deadmau5’s Lots Of Shows In A Row tour, the clips give a perfect taste of the kind of visual spectacle to come. Watch below.


Image: Rukes