The Chainsmokers have been the butt of criticism this week, following the release of their newest single with Coldplay “Something Just Like This.” A writer for Your EDM wrote in an opinion piece on Wednesday that the track’s “synth used to lead for the pop-drop in ‘Something Just Like This’ is virtually indistinguishable from that used in ‘Roses.’” Regardless of the songs’ similarities, the duo has received another whirlwind of attention from members of the media and beyond. Surprisingly, that list also included none other than Deadmau5.

In an Instagram photo posted on Friday afternoon, Deadmau5’s laptop can be seen sitting atop a massive studio mixing board. His description points a finger directly at The Chainsmokers:

“Hey EDM! check out my new laptop stand… @thechainsmokers where do I plug in the aux cord so I can make sick beets like you.”

Apparently, Deadmau5 is calling the pair out for failing to produce their tracks with the complexity and sophistication that a quality studio board would facilitate. His jab comes as only one of many received by The Chainsmokers this week, and it wasn’t his first shot at the incredibly popular duo.

Check out Deadmau5’s post below.


Image: Rukes