We hope you enjoyed our April Fool’s this year! 

After the disaster that was TomorrowWorld 2015, the popular festival and off-shoot of Tomorrowland in Belgium took 2016 off to regroup and consider how best to re-enter the festival world. While many festivals have come and gone in the time since, it’s finally time for TomorrowWorld’s grand comeback.

Revealed in a press release sent out this morning, TomorrowWorld is rebranding with a specific theme in 2017: ATLantis. The festival will move to Three Sisters Island, in the middle of Lake Lanier, an hour northeast of Atlanta.

“We figured there’s already water all around us, so if it rains again like it did in 2015, there won’t be as much of an outcry,” said Helga Katrina Sinclair, TomorrowWorld’s director of media outreach, in a statement this morning. “The last TomorrowWorld is a blight on the history of the festival and brand, but we’re hoping to embrace that failure and make it work for us in the future by creating an underwater theme for our attendees.”

When tickets arrive in the mail, attendees will receive a care package with a poncho and rain boots. “We just want everyone who comes to the festival to be as prepared as possible,” remarked Sinclair. Ubers will also now be allowed to camp on the premises.

Stages at the festival will be modeled after various oceanic and Atlantean mythologies, such as the Greek God of the Sea, Poseidon, as well as the monster known as the Kraken. Rather than fire on stage, water cannons will be positioned at the VIP decks for attendees to fire into the crowd – to avoid abuse these will only be of use 10 seconds after a “drop.”

The festival will take place September 22-24. Tickets go on sale next Friday, April 7.


Image via Rukes.com