Two-time Billboard Music Award “Top Dance/Electronic Album” winner and badass violinist Lindsey Stirling took a moment on the red carpet at this year’s show to discuss what EDM needs more of… female artists.

She told AP News, “It is really cool to be up there with Kygo and [The] Chainsmokers and Calvin Harris because I respect those guys so much.” But, she’s sick of being the only female to be recognized in the genre. “I think every time I’ve been nominated, I’ve been the only girl,” she continued.

During the short interview, Stirling touched on the need for a stronger female presence in EDM and the importance of women supporting each other. For her 3rd award-winning studio album, Brave Enough, Stirling sought after female singers to get their names out there, representing the genre.

“It’s not just me, myself and I’s job. It’s the the job of us to lift the women around us,” she said.

Ladies, it’s time to step up our game!


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