Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for pretty much anything Seven Lions puts out. His mastery of music has enthralled audiences all around the world – constantly evolving his sound and challenging us to keep up. With this type of adulation following almost everything he puts out, it is very rare that I find a remix that takes his sound to an even more enjoyable level.

Today, the Grum remix of “Higher Love” premieres as one of those pleasantly surprising remixes. It truly takes an already killer track and elevates it to new and exciting levels. Set to a pulsating, body-moving back beat, the high-energy track draws you in with enchanting melodic progressions and it’s creative use of other-worldly sounds. Enforced by the haunting, echoey vocals of Paul Meany, its dreamy rhythm picks up fantastical synths, building to an all out crescendo of tech-like bliss! Its infectious energy and persistent, pleasing pulsations are sure to have you dancing the night away in no time! So if you’re looking for a new summer anthem, then look no further — Download it here now!

And as an added benefit, check out the 1-minute video preview of the music video here — Enjoy!