Experience a little glimpse of Burning Man, without the harsh elements — the music festival is currently running a live stream showing off what’s going down in the vast Black Rock Desert in real time!

The 2017 gathering on the playa runs from August 27 – September 4, featuring a pop-up city boasting with music, artwork, installations, and newfound camaraderie among its attendees. As the stream jumps from camera to camera, vantage point to vantage point, even through the dusty views it can be easily seen that this breathtaking landscape is like no other.

So maybe you’re not quite ready to participate as a Burner, or maybe you just don’t have the $2 Gs to drop on this experience quite yet, but at least you can live out a little part of the action through this bird’s eye view of the Radical Ritual. Watch, and be amazed!

Watch: Burning Man 2017 Live Stream