Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, the guys behind Odesza, stopped by r/electronicmusic yesterday for an insightful Reddit AMA!

Riding the waves of their new album A Moment Apart and accompanying tour, the electronic duo is definitely thriving in the electronic music scene. Odesza also has plans to work on growing their label, collaborating with new artists, and creating an entirely immersive experience for fans who see them on tour.

Harrison and Clay shared: “we’ll be continuously adding new edits and pieces to the show.”

The producers talked about their favorite festival, their dreams of scoring a film, and perhaps most importantly the meaning behind the Odesza logo, and the thought behind the entire project.

“The Icosahedron represents all the different genres and styles we incorporate into our sound and bring together into a cohesive track/album. This is represented by these different pieces coming together to build an iconic shape,” Odesza explained.

Learn more about Odesza below and read the full Reddit AMA here!

15 Reveals from Odesza’s Reddit AMA

Odesza hit the ground running by knocking out a three part question…
1. The “Make Me Feel Better” remix / “Bronko” track is actually an original called “Loyal.”
2. The icosahedron shape in Odesza’s logo is used to represent cohesion.
3. There’s definitely a chance at a collaboration with Bonobo in the future.

4. Electric Forest is Odesza’s favorite festival.

5. Harrison doubles as the creative director for album artwork.

6. They might just release a live album, per the requests by fans.

7. Odesza’s vocal magic is created by the Native Instruments Maschine.

8. They want to work with “Kevin Motherfuckin’ Parker” of Tame Impala.

9. They’d be down to score some sci-fi or western flick.

10. As far as virtual synths go, Odesza stands by the DIVA synth plug in.

11. Red Rocks is their favorite venue.

12. To sum up A Moment Apart would be “perspective.”

13. A typical day in the life of Odesza involves a lot of coffee and creativity.

14. A collab with Big Wild seems like a sure thing.

15. Odesza’s A Moment Apart Tour seeks to be an immersive experience through visuals and sound.


Photo: Julian Bajsel