Producers Nari & Milani are splitting up and planning to take separate musical paths, after years of wowing fans with their innovative house music across the globe.

In a joint statement, the duo share: “after 11 years of collaborating under Nari & Milani, we have decided to take a break, and experiment with new ideas individually.”

They promise the Nari & Milani will continue to evolve, but under new forms and pseudonyms. The two will also shift focus to their Woof label and seek to expose fresh, up-and-coming talent.

Nari & Milani’s “last track” will be released via Woof in October.

It’s difficult news for fans, but also amazing they are both starting new adventures in music. We can’t wait to hear what comes of all this.

Nari & Milani Split Up

Listen to their legendary track “Atom” below.


Photo via Nari & Milani/Facebook