The official remixes for Marshmello & Khalid’s “Silence” came out this Friday, but it seems that all anyone can talk about is the Illenium remix (at least from where I’m sitting). How about we talk about some of these other quality remixes?

Let’s start off with the name that probably the least amount of people are aware of: SUMR CAMP.

If you don’t recognize this name, I wouldn’t be surprised. The artist has seemingly come out of nowhere – he or she has 122 followers on Facebook, 38 followers and 1 tweet on Twitter, 252 followers and 1 post on Instagram, and 18 followers on SoundCloud. And while a social media following isn’t always an indicator of quality, it’s certainly an indicator of how well known an artist is.

Now that we have social media out of the way, how about releases? Well, this is SUMR CAMP’s first official release ever, and it’s for a Marshmello & Khalid remix. Clearly, whoever this is, they have some serious connections. More than likely, this is an alias of another DJ who has decided to explore the deep house side of things, but it’s impossible to tell who at this point.

Check out SUMR CAMP’s remix of Marshmello & Khalid’s “Silence” below.


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