OMG! The circle of life continues… Walt Disney‘s beloved animated musical The Lion King (1994) is being remade and before you pounce on any conclusions, just check out the casting for this epic feature film!

First up, Beyoncé is playing Nala. Slay.

Donald Glover is playing the star, Simba. Dope.

From there, every single casted role is so on point it’s scary. James Earl Jones is Mufasa, and we’re already crying over it. Seth Rogan is Pumbaa, which is so fitting. However, John Oliver as Zazu and Eric André as one of the hyenas might be the most brilliant castings of them all.

#TheLionKing 2019,” is all Queen Bey just shared, because the image featuring a pack of insanely talented actors speaks for itself.

But that’s not all… Hans Zimmer makes his return to score the film, as he did wonders with the original. Walt Disney Pictures has also enlisted in director and producer Jon Favreau to make The Lion King come back to life.

The return to Pride Rock has clearly been Hollywood’s best kept secret until now… We just can’t wait (for this film) to be king (of the box office)!

The Lion King – Coming 2019

#TheLionKing 2019.

Posted by Beyoncé on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Image via Disney