It was two weeks ago today that rumors starts swirling that duo um.. was breaking up. It honestly wasn’t a far reach – after all, they had just released a song called “this is our last song.” The two aren’t known for mincing words, so it seemed to be rather cut and dry.

Well, it also seems that April Fool’s Day moved up five months on the calendar and it turns out it was all one big joke. Surprise! The duo revealed the news in a seriously awkward video that only two naturally awkward people like Dylan and Ben could realistically pull off. You think they’re high? No, they’re just super awkward.


why we broke up..

Posted by um on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

They also released a new remix for Billie Eilish’s “Copycat” that is exactly what their sound needed. Fans might have noticed that their overall “sound” hasn’t had a huge change since their first release in 2015. With the “Copycat” remix, they’re incorporating vocals into a much darker soundscape that one hundred percent capitalizes on their distorted sounds. It’s eerie and wonderful.

Check that out below.