For fans who hang on an artist’s every word, sometimes social media can be very stressful. Twitter, especially, can weigh heavy on a fan’s mind when the platform is literally at the artist’s disposal for every random thought that comes into their heads. Other times, the platform can be used as a guerrilla marketing strategy, acting as a platform for implanting rumors and ideas in fans’ minds.

We’re not sure exactly what’s going on with Griz right now, but he certainly has fans worried. It wasn’t too long ago that Denver rapper JuBee was accused of raping multiple women – JuBee was heavily involved in the Denver music scene, of which Pretty Lights, Michal Menert, and Griz were also a part of. We reached out to Griz’s team who have assured us that these tweets are in no way related to that incident, but then what are they?

You don’t say “I’m gonna miss you guys” without going somewhere first so… where is Griz going? What’s happening? Who has the answers!??

Earlier today, Griz sent out another rather cryptic tweet (this also ended up on his Instagram). Once again, we have no idea what is happening or where this is going, but clearly fans are picking up on it and replying like mad.

Photo via Jake West for Insomniac