Taking a play straight out of Instagram‘s book, Snapchat is adding the ability to tag other users!

The new feature reportedly works whenever you type out an “@” + username in the text field on any given image or video share. Usernames will automatically generate a tappable link to the associated profile.

One major difference between Instagram’s tagging system and the newly introduced Snapchat feature — the “@” sign won’t prompt an autofill feature. That means if you want to tag someone, you’ll have to remember their username by heart, which is almost as challenging as remembering a phone number.

Notifications are another thing. According to reports, the person being tagged won’t get any sort of notification or indication that they have been tagged in a photo or video. All in all, it seems like a rushed feature launch with incomplete components.

Influencers including DJ Snake, Tchami, and even Kylie Jenner have made the switch from Snapchat exclusively to Instagram Stories. Many users are turned off by the new update, but perhaps new features such as this one will be enough to get others back on their Snap game.

Apparently the new tagging system is currently being rolled out — so be on the lookout!

“We’re testing this,” Snapchat officially confirmed to TechCrunch.


H/T: The Verge