Spotify is all about easy listening, but it sounds like its about to become even more user-friendly!

According to a report, the music streaming platform is making changes so its free tier will more closely mimic is paid subscription service. This should make the app even easier to navigate especially for those using mobile devices.

Playlists will be more readily available and users will have more control over how they listen to music on playlists. As of now, the free plan only allows a shuffle option for playlists, which is annoying to say the least. But hopefully this all works itself out within the next couple of weeks.

There are a couple of major reasons attributed to Spotify’s update: 1) Fresh off going public, the service is looking to boost growth in a big way, and 2) Non-paying listeners are the key source for paid subscriptions, so it’s best to keep all users happy.

Spotify officially went public on April 3rd, so it’s no wonder the company is taking strides to keep its listeners coming back for more. Attracting people to the service and offering an even better experience are all part of the master plan.

The platform is expected to reach 200 million users by the end of the year, with a potential 96 million subscribers. Spotify is on top of the music streaming game and intends on keeping it that way.

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Source: Bloomberg