Gaming is definitely one of deadmau5’s biggest interests. He live streams enough from his own home to make it almost as much of a career as his music. But part of the magic of gaming is getting others involved. And in that spirit, he’s drummed up the idea of creating a fully customized LAN/gaming center in the small community of Milton, Canada.

The idea began just this past Monday, on April 9, and has quickly grown and blossomed into a full-fledged project. Joel already has meetings lined up with the Economic Development Office in Milton “to discuss building requirements” and he’s creating mock ups of the space and thinking about organizational hurdles, as well.

The proposed space will be around 10,000 square feet and will feature around 100 game stations in addition to spaces for game consoles and food areas, like Grill’s Grill & Lounge.

Deadmau5 is apparently also looking to get investors and jump start the eSports scene in Canada. And honestly, who better to start it up? If you live near the area, get excited for this.