Coachella is a huge money maker — unless you’re Cardi B. Apparently those money moves are moving in the opposite direction of the A-list rapper.

The star has revealed she’ll have lost money once Coachella is all said and done. During an interview at SiriusXM studios with Shade 45¬†she spoke about how the music festival will actually cost her around $160 Gs. Say what?

Having booked with the event before she blew up she was offered $70k per day. That means $140,000 smackaroos for the two-weekend event. Not bad, but she’s proven she’s not just a one hit wonder and plans to go big when she hits that stage.

Cardi B admits, she didn’t know that Coachella was “such a big deal.” Then it all started sinking in — and she started putting up her own money for the production.

“I have to invest so much money on my stage set, my own money,” she says.

“It’s crazy. Almost 300 thou. It’s an investment.”

Bardi takes the Coachella Stage this Sunday night, leading into Portugal. The Man, Odesza, then headliner Eminem. Best tune into that live stream, because it sounds like a night you don’t want to miss!

Peep the full Coachella 2018 schedule here.

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Photo credit: Maro Hagopian