Following the October premiere of Kody Ryan’s soulful downtempo R&B track “Hard To Feel,” Seattle-based indie electronic label Big Slide Records has prepared their first official remix compilation. Complete with four masterfully crafted reworks of “Hard to Feel,” the compilation features production by Dream Journal, Jamie Blake, Justin Hartinger, and Wokr.

The compilation provides a dynamic listening experience, each track proving to be just as impressively diverse in both genre and emotional temperament from the last. The signature production styling of each artist showcased on the compilation is undoubtedly recognizable, with every remix sounding uniquely personal to its creator while still paying proper tribute to the original elements of Ryan’s track that rendered it deserving of multiple flips. Though Ryan’s “Hard To Feel” is still identifiable within the remixes, each producer has provided a dramatically fresh take on the track, with genres ranging from dreamy indie electronic to Brazilian baile funk.

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