Facebook, meet your new conqueror: Reddit. According to Amazon’s web traffic monitor Alexa, Reddit is now the third most visited website in the US.

A user on Reddit spotted that the site overtook Facebook on Alexa and shared the news. Of course, the story has gone viral. Alexa currently has Google and YouTube as the first and second most visited websites in the US, respectively. After Facebook comes Amazon in the fifth spot.

Keep in mind that Alexa is not the end-all, be-all of web traffic monitors. It’s possible Facebook still outranks Reddit, but it’s interesting to note that Alexa has placed Reddit before Facebook at all. Alexa’s other stats are pretty interesting as well: Reddit is the site with the highest “Daily Time on Site” stat out of the top five. Reddit users spend an average of 15 minutes 10 seconds on the site, a high stat compared to¬†Google at 7 minutes 16 seconds, YouTube at 8 minutes 31 seconds,¬†Facebook at 10 minutes 50 seconds and Amazon at 7 minutes 37 seconds.

Will Reddit eventually become the new Facebook? Maybe so. r/EDM, we’re looking at you.


H/T: The Next Web