Tesla is facing setbacks after issues with the company’s autopilot technology in the new models of its vehicles. But, Tesla just gained a huge advocate from the EDM world: Zedd.

Zedd revealed on Twitter that the Tesla autopilot technology saved his life. He said that he fell asleep at the wheel while driving home late at night. While this normally would’ve resulted in a life-threatening crash, Tesla’s autopilot tech came through. Zedd said that he had autopilot enabled, and that it woke him up by beeping and turning off his music after he didn’t touch the wheel for a few minutes. Without the tech, Zedd said he would’ve likely died. Ghastly even replied to support his message.

Zedd’s anecdote is a key example of how Tesla’s autopilot tech can help its drivers. Perhaps Tesla will reach out to him for some future promotion? Hmmm…


Cover Photo: Rukes