Haywyre began his Panorama series late in 2018 with the release of Discover, a 6-track blissful collection of funk and groove like only he could create. Now almost three months into 2019 and Haywyre is back with part 2 of the series, Form.

It’s hard to really differentiate Discover and Form, not least of all because they both comprise two parts of the same overarching package, but because Haywyre’s sound is so ubiquitous. Credit where credit is due, Haywyre can do a lot with a keyboard. But at the end of the day, when all of your sounds are centered around a single instrument, you’re inherently limited. Form is also a bit shorter than Discover, clocking in 14 minutes versus 20.

That being said…

Form is absolutely fantastic, and Haywyre does what he does really well. I’ve had the EP to listen to for the past three weeks and, without fail, I would play it every couple of days all the way through, at full volume, and gyrate and gesticulate to my heart’s content.

I’m still very much looking forward to the rest of the Panorama series, and also catching Haywyre on tour. Find dates and tickets on his website here.