Diplo and Travis Scott’s last collaboration on Major Lazer’s 2017 hit, “Know No Better,” also featuring Camila Cabello & Quavo. Now, Travis wants to make another song with Diplo, but it seems that Diplo has been trying to hit up Scott for years with no luck.

The two met up after some unspecified festival, according to Wes, when they got to talking.

“Travis sees me after a festival and says ‘Hey, let’s make another song,'” he captioned the post. “Me: ‘What’s your new number?’ Adds number, texts him the next day ‘This is Diplo’…notices the number was saved and I already sent desperate-looking texts to the same number fifteen times over 5 years.”


I mean really, who ghosts Diplo??? Well, I suppose if you’re Travis Scott, it could make some sense. Nonetheless, be on the lookout for a new heater from Diplo and Scott sometime soon!