Deadmau5 and Martin Garrix aren’t the most likely of friends, but based on past evidence, we know this to be true. More recently, the two spent some time together in Vegas at Top Golf as they both played EDC this past weekend, recorded their time together, and set it to some extremely cheesy music (the Wii Sports theme) that just makes the heart flutter.

Make no mistake, these two clearly have a bromance and we absolutely stan it. As unexpected as it is, they seem to be getting along famously. It’s likely they spent more time in Vegas outside of just Top Golf, but such video evidence has yet to surface.

In the meantime, watch the adorable video of their time together below.

Deadmau5 Shows Off His Bromance With Martin Garrix

mcfly vs sucklord cc: Martin Garrix📹 Leah Sems

Posted by deadmau5 on Sunday, May 26, 2019


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