On an absolute roll right now is the American electronic pairing BEAUZ. They most recently had their stunning ‘Sayonara’ signed to Universal, a collaboration with Maggie Szabo. With more new music in the pipeline, we caught up with the brothers to hear more from them about their sound.

Hey BEAUZ – thank you for speaking to us! Where in the world are you based right now?

Thanks Your EDM, it’s a pleasure. At the moment we are in California, currently working on lots of new music and preparing for our upcoming tour later this summer – can’t wait to announce more soon!

If you had to describe your musical style for someone who hadn’t heard your music before, how would you sum it up?

Our music is a constant evolution. When we began producing we were making G-House, which later evolved into Bass House, then Future Bass, Dance, Pop. Lately we started to write the lyrics of our songs ourselves and Johan has also been singing on our own records, such as ‘Bipolar.’ When we travel we often explore the local music culture and get inspired by the music around the world. We strive to make music that is clean, catchy, fresh, chic, soothing, healing and of course danceable. We love to fuse mainstream motifs with edgy experimental sounds, spiced up a notch through incorporating oriental elements to represent our culture.

What do you love the most about being artists?

We feel so grateful each time we finally release a project and fans show us love from all around the world. We continuously try to make the best music we ever made- the kind that can touch and inspire us. We love playing shows and connecting with our fans both online and in real life because interacting with our fans makes us appreciate how far we’ve come in our career.

Where did it start for you? Do you remember what first got you both into wanting to create music?

Music has been a big part of our lives since youth. Growing up, we played the piano, violin, saxophone and guitar, we sang, danced and beatboxed. I (Bernie) went to my first electronic festival during freshman year of college, fell in love ever since and started DJing. When we lived together during Johan’s senior year of high school in LA we experimented with our first electronic music creations because we wanted to “make music like Avicii”. RIP. Since then it’s been a rollercoaster: some of the happiest and most rewarding moments of our lives alternating with moments of feeling down. We have learned a lot during this journey and if there is any aspiring producer reading this, the most valuable advice we can give you is to believe in yourself, even though when people say you can’t make it, keep going and don’t give up. Life is crazy, but persistence is key.

Who or what are you currently really into, music-wise?

Bernie likes any artist who puts out clean, catchy, trendy music – you guys can probably come up with a few names on top of your head already. Johan likes simple yet impactful lyrics that speak directly to people’s heart. Our carefully curated premium Spotify playlist “BAELIST” has lots of music that we currently bop our heads to. Our latest single ‘Sayonara’ is the epitome of our music taste as well as where our sounds are heading to, a genre which you can’t really put a name to.

Tell us a little bit about the making of ‘Sayonara.’ Did you have fun making the track?

Maggie sent us a couple song ideas and ‘Sayonara’ stood out the most. We rearranged it and chopped it up, and re-recorded it in a higher tempo in a studio session with Maggie. It was a lot of fun and we knew it was something special when the record finally came to life. It was crazy when we performed it live for the first time because we also shot part of the music video there. Shoutout our manager Antonio for paving us the way into Universal Music for the record – we couldn’t be happier with how it was received.

What plans do you have for the rest of the  summer?

Super excited to meet our fans across the country! Besides that we will be pushing ‘Sayonara’ and new music with with full throttle while making sure the rest of the year is full of amazing music and news for BEAUZ fans. In fact, we can also proudly announce our next new single ‘Count The Hours’ that’s coming out via Armada Music main label on July 26. We produced it in a style most people have never heard of and it features a mysterious singer/songwriter!

Could you share a random fact about yourselves with us?

In our free time you can find Johan eating delicacies and Bernie buying expensive shoes.