Lane 8 is enforcing his This Never Happened concept for his upcoming Brightest Lights tour.

That means no phones, no cameras, no recording of any sort, to encourage attendees to live in the moment, get lost in the music, and truly connect with their surroundings. Despite the smartphone-fueled age we live in, fans of Lane 8 who experienced the first leg of the Brightest Lights tour seem to embrace this change of pace.

Upon entering the venue for a Brightest Lights tour stop, fans will be asked to put an adhesive tape over their camera lenses. This is a safe tape that will not damage the devices. Heightened security will be present to enforce the golden rule. If you’re caught taking a photo/video — you’ll kindly be asked to leave.

This Never Happened: An Exclusive Interview with Lane 8

Lane 8 shares in the post below:

the basic ethos of the events is pretty simple. we do not allow any photos or videos to be taken by anyone, not with phones or cameras or any other device, while inside the venue. i firmly believe that with this simple rule, we have been able to create one of the most special and unique atmospheres of any show i’ve ever been a part of.

If you are attending any of Lane 8’s upcoming shows, he encourages you to read.

Lane 8: This Never Happened