Late last year, R3hab teamed up with ZAYN and Jungleboi for “Flames” a massive track that spans genres from pop to dance to blues to R&B. Now “Flames” has gotten an official remix from another dance music heavy hitter, Steve Aoki. Aoki’s spin on “Flames” transforms the track into a full-on festival trap anthem. The accompanying video is tons of live footage of both R3hab and Aoki performing at festivals and living the jetsetter lives they’re both known for.

The Aoki treatment is simple, but effective. ZAYN’s vocals stay intact, but they’re sped up a little and slightly distorted. Aoki gives us some simple but catchy trap synths. We got a nice bombastic, festival friendly buildup before some trap madness in the drop. This remix is definitely a treat for longtime fans of both artists, the last time they collaborated was all the way back at the end of 2013 for “Flight.” Safe to say the industry, and these two artists’s sound, has changed quite a bit since then. Here’s what R3HAB and Steve Aoki had to say about the “Flames” remix.

“Steve Aoki and I go way back to my early days of touring and releasing music. With ‘Flames’ being one of my most significant releases to date, I couldn’t be happier that Steve has agreed to make this remix of the song. It’s a real original twist on the track – which is what a remix should be, of course! It’s fire, so enjoy!” – R3HAB

“It was a lot of fun remixing this one for R3HAB, Jungleboi, and ZAYN. Such a massive track, I had to make more of a club vibe for it. Let’s see your dance choreography, and all the DJs bang it out in the club!” – Steve Aoki

Check out the Steve Aoki remix of R3HAB’s hit with Jungleboi and ZAYN, “Flames” out now on CYB3RPVNK. Also check out the original video for “Flames,” story and concept by ZAYN. It’s quite the contrast with the remix as the video takes place in a strange, dystopian world.