Apart from the celebrations on the field during Super Bowl LIV this past weekend, the strip clubs in Miami were absolutely packed from wall to wall and bills rained like sparks from fireworks on the fourth of July. Unfortunately, not all the money went to the dancers.

A video that’s now gone viral from an unnamed strip club in Miami is sparking rage, as dancers who were literally ankle-deep in cash from Super Bowl celebrations were apparently not allowed to take the cash home. One of the dancers spoke out on Instagram:

“They were supposed to throw a [million] but they only counted 360k then it went down to 117k ?” she wrote on Instagram. “I think they finessed us. [Because] we font [sic] know the exact amount counted.

“They tried to send us home with $300 after the split but we paid $350 to dance,” she continued. “So everyone raised hell and we got $1,100 each. After being forced to be there for 15 hours.”

In a new interview with Page Six, Diplo aligned himself with the dancers in the situation. “I did see all the money on the floor but that is weird for the strippers to not be able to pick it up,” he told the publication at a Cipriani Wall Street gala on Wednesday. “Girls [usually] get their rakes and brooms and leave with garbage bags. I don’t know what happened there. For me, you got to let girls get their bags and collect the money.”

On Wednesday, Cardi B, who attended the event, which was sponsored by her management company, slammed the strippers, saying they simply weren’t entertaining enough to earn better tips.

“Being a stripper is a very difficult profession. It is hard work. I love going to see people pole dance,” Diplo said. “You can’t just stand there still, though. That is boring. You got to put some work in and get money.”


via Page Six, NY Post