Yesterday, fans were elated with the news of a new Purity Ring album due out in 2020. Didn’t hear about it? The news was delivered exclusively to the duo’s private Discord channel along with the first single from the album.

WOMB will release this year, the group’s first album since 2015’s another eternity. Purity Ring have been on a bit of a self-induced hiatus, drastically reducing the amount of live shows they’ve played since 2016 — you can probably count all of them on one hand. But this seems to be the year they return, especially with a much anticipated show at Lightning In A Bottle.

A new website has appeared with a clickable puzzle for fans: “Welcome to the journey of Pink Lightning………… Begin Clicking,” it says. If you click in the middle of the group of trees on the left in the image, it will take you to an image of a tub. Click the drain and a crab will appear, with the image zoomed out. Click the drain two more times and the crab opens its shell with the message, “I would that the world become you.”

What does this mean? Your guess is as good as ours.

But we do know that the album is coming and the first single is called “Pink Lightning.” When it’s coming is another story. But if you know where to look, you can hear the single right now.