A man was caught trying to bring in over 1,000 MDMA capsules to Transmission Music Festival in Sydney, (not to be confused with Transmission Festival in Prague), according to a new report.

Of the six people charged with drug supply, this one man singlehandedly brought in enough MDMA to offer 1 in every 12 people at the festival. A 19-year-old was caught with 287 MDMA pills, a 31-year-old with 195 MDMA pills, and an 18-year-old woman allegedly concealed 180 MDMA pills internally. 32 others were processed for drug possession.

Despite these charges, the crowd of 12,000 people was generally described as “well-behaved.”

On Friday night, police reportedly seized a total of 2,000 MDMA capsules, an undisclosed amount of LSD, and a knife from the festival at Sydney Olympic Park. The operation was run by the South West Metropolitan Region, Police Transport Command and the Dog Unit.


Sources: 10 Daily, Mirage News