Lightning in a Bottle has revealed its complete lineup for its 2020 return to the Buena Vista Lake in Southern California over Memorial Day Weekend. During May 20-25th festival goers from all across the world will get to explore the diverse and immersive musical playgrounds: The Stacks, CTRL-Z, The Compass and The Grand Artique. Each stage has its own unique appeal and specially curated lineup, from the bass-heavy Stacks or CTRL-Z’s commitment to underground house and techno, The Grand Artique’s theatrical Frontierville, and the far-reaching, worldly sounds of The Compass, each stage provides festival-goers with diverse, interactive, musical experiences to explore.

The Stacks made its debut at LIB just last year and the bass music community fell in love. 2020 will see the return of The Stacks continuing its dedication to emerging experimental bass with a plethora of emerging stars and veterans alike. Artists playing under this musical playground come from all different musical worlds everything from drum and bass, dubstep, experimental trap and much more. Fans will get to see standout sets from Yojas, Sfam, Saka, Runnit, L*o*J, Adiidas and even a Dnb set from Justin Martin.

CTRL-Z formerly known as the Favela stage has been rebranded into a cosmic launchpad. This musical playground will house techno and house acts alike. The stage structure will be built from recycled space junk and will give festival-goers endless areas to explore. Artists like Holmar, Papa Lu, Jonnie King, SAAND, Jamie Schwabl and Claudius Raphael to name a few will be gracing CTRL-Z.

The Compass will expand your mind throughout the course of the day with its diverse, genre-blending international artist roster that sees artists that come from the worlds of hip-hop, deep house, downtempo and so much more. The likes of Sabo, Oshun and Chika just to name a few will be gracing The Compass musical playground.Last but not least The Grand Artique which boasts a shining saloon and general store will host artists into the wee hours of the morning. Artist like Fantastic Negrito, My Baby, Lincoln Durham and so many others will be playing at The Grand Artique.

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In addition to The Grand Artique, The Stacks, CTRL-Z and the Compass. Lighting in a bottle is also host to larger stages such as Woogie, Thunder and Lightning where the likes of Kaytranda, GRiZ and Purity Ring will all play. Check that lineup below.


Featured image via Jessica Bernstein Photography