Subtronics stepped up to the plate this weekend when Alison Wonderland was unable to play her headlining set at Okeechobee Music Festival — and he threw down the most amazing edit of her track as a tribute!

AW broke the news to fans that she was dealing with the shingles and was forced to drop out of her performance. Obviously, those were some tough shoes to fill but Subtronics rose to the occasion.

To top it all off, he dropped an unexpected edit of Alison’s fan favorite track “Run” into an unreleased ID of his own — and both the crowd and the internet went crazy for it.

The footage made its way to Alison as well and she shared the following:

I  couldn’t make a show tonight bc I am sick so @Subtronics filled in for me. he played my songs out to an overflowing tent of people. I’ve been so upset Cos i couldn’t play and this just made me actually tear up. I feel the love. I feel the good vibes. We have the best community.

Here’s to wishing Alison Wonderland a speedy recovery — and major ups to Subtronics for being such a class act.

See clips of the amazing moment below!

Subtronics Drops Alison Wonderland’s “Run”