It’s a strange and turbulent time we’re living in with the global COVID-19 pandemic. One bright side though, is that a lot of producers who are under lockdown (just like all of us), are taking their newfound time at home and blessing us with some new music. One of the first singles to come out of this self-quarantine period is the latest from dance legend Benny Benassi, “Everybody Hates Monday Mornings.” Teaming up with fellow Italian trio BB Team and YouTube sensation Canguro English, “Everybody Hates Monday Mornings” is a straight house banger. It’s also the perfect song to get your groove on to during your home quarantine party.

“Everybody Hates Monday Mornings” is a rave song at heart, truly made unique by the droll, melancholy vocal track from Canguro English. If you’re wondering he posts cheeky and unconventional tutorials on learning English. His vocal on the track essentially recreates the scene from The Hangover, when all the main characters wake up after their epic night of partying. You can almost feel the pounding headache and confusion as English announces “My alarm goes off at 7 sharp, I shouldn’t have drunk all that aguardiente.” After that the super groovy drop comes in and you dance all your cares away.

Benny Benassi is one of the most beloved international DJs around and his home country of Italy has been the hardest hit by COVID-19. Benny gave fans an update on his socials a little bit ago to let everyone know that he was doing just fine while the country was under lockdown.

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Good morning guys, happy Sunday everybody from Italy. I’ve received many messages from friends sending love from all around the world ❤️🙏 The first week of quarantine is finished. What the experts call “peak” wasn’t reached yet unfortunately, but WE Italians are showing to be united and and responsible against this common enemy (Covid-19) as we have never been before. I’d have never imagined, even in the worst dream, to be locked in the house for so long without the possibility to meet friends, traveling and playing my music in the clubs! Sad ☹️ I really love to see people having fun, dancing with my noisy music!! I feel good, I feel lucky to live in the countryside 🐐🐓🐿My parents are doing well, my close friends are doing well. Today I’ll cook some biscuits and an almond cake. I’ll listen to a lot of music in this period trying to find inspiration for new records and be prepared for new gigs! I can’t wait 💪🏻❤️ Everything will be ok guys, the world will be connected and magic as it used to be, but we have to keep fighting (which mean stay at home and take all the possible precautions). All together against this common enemy. 💪🏻🇮🇹💪🏻 I love you all and I m Proud to be Italian #restoacasa. 📸 @_andreamattioli

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Check out the latest single from Benny Benassi & BB Team “Everybody Hates Monday Mornings” featuring Canguro English out now on Ultra. Check out the wild official video created by Canguro English too!