“Snailephant” from Snails and Wooli has already gone through one transformation, first dropping in 2018 and then including a VIP on Snails 2019 album, World of Slime. Now, the album remixes are starting to drip out and Control Freak is up first with a remix of the VIP.

The original and VIP both took nearly half the track to get to the first drop, with the original taking a more swing style to the rhythm and the VIP delivering a bit of a heavier punch. The Control Freak remix of the VIP is a way more frenetic approach to the drop, starting out a bit reserved and then letting all hell loose.

Coming in longer than either the original or VIP, Control Freak’s remix gives a bit more breathing room for breakdowns and bridges and is actually my favorite of the three iterations so far. Check it out below on Slugz Music!