It’s truly awesome when someone with influence and resources uses their power to help those less fortunate. And certainly in EDM, there is a group of producers (performers?) with wealth enough to be considered influential in one way or another.

When I saw that Steve Angello helped out a young girl whose liver was failing with a donation of $5000 to the family’s Gofundme page, I was absolutely elated. Generosity knows no limits, and I’m actually proud of Angello for stepping up to the plate to helping out. (Not that I would be disappointed if he didn’t – it’s difficult enough to trust people over the internet.)

And seeing it got me thinking of all the other times that we’ve covered producers, DJs and performers giving back to their community or to individuals in need. Here are the ones we can find:


In October of last year, deadmau5 has helped out a fan who was robbed and stabbed to buy new equipment for his production. Zac Campbell was DJing in a competetion and was assaulted outside the premises and robbed of all of his equipment after being repeatedly stabbed. Joel heard about this via his vast social network, and seeing as Zac was a huge participatory member in deadmau5’s platforms, he felt that he should help out. Read more.


Krewella’s love for their fans is no secret, whatsoever. Krewfam is die-hard and the Jahan and Yasmine return the favor in spades. Aside from their #DoGood initiative in January, they also played a show for charity in May, giving all proceeds to those afflicted with paralysis via the Dance For Paralysis campaign. Read more.


In January, Zedd caught sight of a tweet from a fan who was going through her sixth knee surgery and was headed to Counterpoint Music Festival. After only one back-and-forth exchange on Twitter, Zedd had seen enough to hit up Counterpoint staff and request that they get Carter on a guestlist for the festival. It was an extremely easy gesture that made on fan’s recovery process that much easier. Read more.


Though he’s rather widely known as crass and opinionated, Diplo has a soul. Wes visited a fan in El Paso who was diagnosed with leukemia and couldn’t make it to a show. Through his busy touring schedule, he partitioned some time to visit a fan in need, and that’s special. Read more.


Though we gave him some flack for this, and even doubted how genuine the gesture was, it makes no difference that Carnage did open up a new school for underprivileged children in Nicaragua. His roots growing up in Latin America made him appreciative of the opportunities he’s been awarded, and the best thing he could do was give back to that same community. Read more.


We hope that producers with influence continue to use that influence for the power of good. If there’s any ever indication of PLUR in real life, you’re looking at it.


Image via World Red Eye