There’s something captivating about the seamless blend of trance and techno. Tech-trance, as it’s known, tends to lean more to the eerie side of things, utilizing heavy sounds not typically associated with the big mainstream trance names. While I don’t consider myself an avid fan of tech-trance, I can always appreciate a good release as it offers a nice break from you average ‘trance’ sounds. Alex Di Stefano’s remix of “Abhyasa” is one of those tracks, delivering a dark and tasteful rendition of Menno de Jong’s original production.

This remix of “Abhyasa” starts off with a simple kick and bass line, carrying on for a few minutes. The song is repetitive from the beginning, but enough elements are added or taken away here and there to maintain interest. The interlude features a hat-tip to Menno de Jong, as it incorporates nearly identical chord progressions. Given the fact that it’s a remix, this was no skin off my nose. The climax is a chorus of pounding bass, bouncing synths, and a bunch of industrial sounds. These are all mixed together expertly to create an ominous beat sure to grab your attention.

Stream the track below or head to Beatport to purchase!