In an epic performance that brought the inaugural Billboard Hot 100 fest to a close last weekend, Skrillex and Justin Bieber climbed atop the turn tables to perform ‘Where Are Ü Now.’ The two had already performed back to back sets of their own material, Skrillex turning The Nikon Theatre at Jones Beach into a display of thrilling mayhem that even Justin’s ‘Beleibers’ could get down to. His set was studded with a combination of his old hits and his newer creations, challenging the crowd to match his intensity at every turn. 

Justin Bieber’s set followed soon after. “Did you miss me?” he asked the crowd, commenting on the fact that he hadn’t performed live in a while. “I missed you more,” said Bieber before launching into ‘Beauty and the Beat.’ Then in a move that surprised festival-goers, Bieber slowed it down and asked the light techs to dim all of the lights. What followed was a stunning display of the singer’s vocal ability, performing acoustic renditions of his songs that left his fans reeling, and even the EDM crowd interested.

By the time both artists took the stage the whole crowd was electric. “Where’s my Jack Ü crew?” Skrillex called out to the stands, to which the crowd responded with everything they had. With the drop of the beat, ‘Where Are Ü Now’ brought the entire stadium to its feet. With pyrotechnics and fireworks to follow, Skrillex and Bieber took a family photo before closing out an unforgettable weekend.

Article written by Cameron Gregg

Skrillex at Billboard Hot 100

Skrillex atop the DJ booth at the Billboard Hot 100 music festival