In an epic turn of events which unfolded at DVBBS‘ inaugural Mt. Woozy Festival this weekend, a raver decided to rush the stage in time with the drop to security’s dismay. But, it only gets more interesting from there.

The stage crasher narrowly squeezes between two pillars of flame emitted from the pyrotechnics before side-stepping a security guard attempting to tackle him on stage. He then attempts to return to the crowd and seemingly gets away, but in a separate video (below) you can see that he did, in fact, get caught; at least until the hosts, DVBBS, come to his rescue…

You can see in this second video below that the stage crasher, although in the grasp of festival security, is allowed to go free after the Toronto duo repeatedly yell on the mic to “let him go right fuckin’ now.” Saying “he just came to party and show up” and using the dispelled energy cleverly to their advantage, DVBBS are able to turn a potentially fatal situation into just another exciting part of the show.

Video sources: Dishant Patel / Daniel Archer‎ (Toronto Rave Community)