When the news broke that Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift had broken up, everyone’s first thought was, “When will Taylor be making her breakup song?” However, since she has quickly moved on with Thor‘s Tom Hiddleston, the burden of the breakup song falls to… Calvin Harris?

That’s right. According to sources, Calvin is already exploring new songs that deal with the themes of “heartbreak, deceit and lost love.” Calvin is in the middle of writing his fifth album and has already put out a single with Rihanna, and plans on working closely again with John Newman, and even possibly Rita Ora or Ellie Goulding (both old flames of his).

The best part? Rumors are going around that Calvin is even considering working with Kanye West, now that he’s no longer together with Swift.

“Kanye is up for doing something with Calvin and Rihanna and now Calvin’s no longer with Taylor anything is possible,” a source told The Sun. ”Calvin feels that talking publicly is not the way to go, but expressing things in music is the better option.”