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Workflow & Finding Your Sound

1. CREATE A TEMPLATE: this is a great starting point for getting ideas from your head into your DAW as fast and efficiently as possible. It also helps keep your session much more organized which will in turn help tremendously with creative flow and your final mixdown so you know where to find each and every sound and can adjust your levels accordingly. From my experience, using a template is also nice if you are collaborating with another artist so that session doesn’t look like a birds nest of random shit and different sounds everywhere…. So yes, STAY ORGANIZED!

2. FIND INSPIRATION: This is really different for everyone but for me listening to other genres helps a lot w/ creative ideas. Also listening to your favorite artists will get you in the right mindset. Lastly, get outside and clear your head from constant computer staring. Go ride a bike or take your dog on a walk, I don’t know…

3. STRUCTURE: In order for songs to keep a constant flow and good vibe you need to take account for structure and phrasing. Incorporating builds, breakdowns, hooks, drops etc. to help build your audience and listeners up and then back down again….Keep it wavy

4. SOUND PILLARS: This is really important for establishing your own unique sound. Think of your sound pillars like a band. (Drums, Guitar, Keys, Vocal, Bass etc.) in order for people to distinguish your sound from other artists you need to find your own “sound pillars”. So once you find drums, leads, basses, SFX and whatever else that you really like, make sure to try and incorporate some of those sounds in all of your productions to keep a constant consistency and vibe.

5. GENERAL SHIT TO KEEP IN MIND: Always remember there is no perfect way to do anything. Art is subjective. Create the music that you want to create and stay true to yourself.

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