Martin Garrix recently revealed in a new interview that he has 45 tracks in the works… try and conceptualize that much music.

With a debut album on the way and plenty of unreleased music already finished up, we thought it would be a good idea to sit down and pick a top 5 that we are hoping will see a release soon. Some of these are expected on his album, while others, like his Ed Sheeran collab, are apparently in perma-purgatory. Fingers crossed that that changes soon!

Check out our top 5 below and let us know which others should be on the list by tweeting at us!

5. “Glad You Came”

We don’t know the full circumstances of this track, but it was debuted during his massive Ultra set in 2016 and it is under his newfound alias, AREA21. Check it out:

4. “Music Box” w/ Hardwell

Self explanatory.

3. “Lockdown”

Debuted at Sunburn Festival 2015, this ID will likely never see the light of day – but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it in all its glory.

2. “So Far Away” w/ David Guetta featuring Ellie Goulding & James Arthur

This is one that speaks for itself, with superstar singer Ellie Goulding and 50-year-old EDM mainstay David Guetta, it was debuted at Tomorrowland 2017 and we’re still awaiting the full release.

1. “Rewind, Repeat It” feat. Ed Sheeran

We’ve been waiting on this one for far too long, and it’s going to be HUGE if it ever releases. Fingers crossed…

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