Shambhala is one of those festivals that’s fully capable of changing your life, for both fans and artists alike. While the festival’s 10,000 plus attendees prepare themselves with outlandish costumes and proper vibes, it’s not uncommon for DJs to put in the same meticulous care for their performance at the Farm. There’s just something about the atmosphere that makes everyone strive to put their best on display, and Rezz has carved her name deep into Shambhala’s lore with an absolutely mesmerizing show.

Thanks to YouTuber Wingdingbing, the rest of us can appreciate the mind-crumbling work of Rezz’ monumental set with a full-length video. Taking the Pagoda stage on a ride for its life, the mau5trap star unleashed a barrage of downtempo assaults, seeping with bass and devilish intent. Staying off the mic except to announce some delicious new music at 23:00, the video is nearly an hour-and-a-half of dark and grimy adventure, but by the time the set comes to a close we’re left breathless for more.

Arguably one of the best sets from the weekend, let alone Pagoda history, click below to watch Rezz slay her Shambhala debut.

Featured Image: William Selvis | Facebook Image: John Zajac / EDM Assassin