Things have been moving rather quickly over the last week, ever since The Weeknd’sStarboy” featuring Daft Punk was released unto the world. Since then, the track itself has gone on to garner both praise and criticism, and of course rumors surrounding a return of the famed robots have been a hot topic of discussion. Below is a recap on details regarding the evidence for their 2017 comeback.

Shortly after “Starboy’s” release, a supposed lineup leak of Lollapalooza Chile made its rounds throughout the interweb, which showed Daft Punk on the roster. But that’s already been shut down hard; if the robots are returning to the stage, they’re going to be the headliner, not beneath Metallica, The Strokes, or Duran Duran.

We then reported on the numeric odds of Daft Punk returning to Coachella in 2017, at the time chocking up to a 4:1 chance. Taking a look at the duo’s performance history, 2017 certainly cues up nicely for a long-awaited return, since their previous Alive tours have been in 1997 and 2006-2007.

Next up was the discovery of a tag page for the French duo on Lollapalooza’s main website. This particular news got folks (including us) riled up with anticipation, especially since the tag’s existence could only be traced to February of this year. We can only continue to hope that the tag’s recent addition meant what we’ve all been thinking.

Unfortunately, Alex Young, the founder of Consequence of Sound, has laid waste to these rumors, saying a “well-placed source” told him that Daft Punk was “not accepting offers for 2017” and that they would not be at Coachella, which also denies the possibility of their return to Lollapalooza. Still, even though we hope he’s wrong, Young’s track record is more than sturdy, forecasting LCD Soundsystem’s return in 2015, and catching wind of Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool before its release.

Overall, the chances of a Daft Punk return performance in 2017 have been cut down just as quickly as they were raised, but we’ll continue sharing news of any developments.