Ryan Raddon a.k.a. Kaskade has big news: he’s going to be joining the epic family of the Hakkasan Group as one of its new residents in 2017!

“Just technically where things have gone, I mean from a disco ball hanging in the middle of the room to what Omnia has this multimillion dollar chandelier that moves around and like, I don’t know, will shine your shoes at the same time. Like it just does everything. ‘I want chicken wings’ – chicken wings fall from the ceiling,” he joked.

Kaskade plans to take his shows’ experiences to new heights by partnering with The Hakkasan Group in Las Vegas for his 2017 residency. Kaskade will kick off his new residency on Dec. 30 at Omnia in Caesars Palace. He will also perform at the company’s other Vegas venues, including Jewel, Wet Republic and Hakkasan Nightclub.

Tickets: www.kaskadevegas.com