The Entertainment Retailers Association has reported that for the week of November 28th, 2016, vinyl sold £2.4 million, compared to downloads accounting for sales of only £2.1 million. This marks the first time ever that vinyl has out-performed digital media.

The growing hype behind Record Store Day, and preference for analog texture could be responsible for the shift, but it could certainly be attributed to the holiday gift-buying craze, or English retailers like Tesco and Sainsbury’s stocking more records than before. Last year, the UK vinyl industry saw its eighth year of growth in a row. Whatever the cause of this vinyl resurgence, it certainly signifies a change in how listeners are consuming music.

As Jumbo Records’ Adam Gillison explained to The Independent, “Ultimately, in this digital world our customers are continually looking for a tangible, physical way to celebrate their love for their favourite artists – something that digital services simply cannot offer.”


Source: The Independent | Facebook image via