Deadmau5 is never one to sit idly by and wish for new toys, nah, he’s the type to go ahead and buy new gear regardless of when he’ll have a chance to use it. His latest swoop is some new analog equipment that’s made his already majestic productions even more glorious.

I won’t dare try and pretend like I know exactly what this new gear is, but legions of fans are already praising the new addition. Knowing deadmau5, his studio will never truly be complete, but his journey towards the perfect setup only reaffirms our suspicions that his best productions have yet to come. Check out the new toys in action below.

Why…. didn’t I do this a long time ago? Man. So much better.

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AND now, the music just going to sound a ton better! Analog summing outside of the box! 😉

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Photo: DMahoney Photo