For some reason, Soundcloud seems to have a bit of a contentious relationship with Martin Garrix. For the third time now, the streaming platform has removed Martin’s own music from his own profile. It’s previously happened with his songs “Don’t Look Down” and “WIEE,” though this time, Soundcloud (or at least its automated copyright detection system) has gone for blood.

Soundcloud has removed at least four songs from his profile (in what seems like six different iterations), and Martin is understandably upset. As of now, the only Soundcloud response we know of is from their automated support team on Twitter, looking into the matter; although it does seem like the tracks have been restored.

The copyright detection arm of Soundcloud has always been a troublesome entity, taking down tracks from many producers that are owned by those producers on their own profiles, and this applies to original songs as well as approved remixes. Companies like Orfium are looking to be better than Soundcloud on this front (and others), but for now Soundcloud still has a unique place in electronic music.


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