On the final day of EDC, DJ Khaled’s performance was cut short due to technical difficulties. Of course, due to his own particular brand of infamy, rumors began flying that he was late, or that he was throwing a tantrum about this or that backstage, and some blogs even erroneously called his career over.

As the incident has sort of become talk of the town, Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella even spoke out about it, saying, “[DJ Khaled] arrived on time and ready to rock the crowd, but equipment issues delayed the performance. Even though there were technical difficulties he still got on stage and showed his fans love.”

This was further corroborated by DJ Khaled in an open format Q&A with Power 106 FM. When it came time to address the elephant in the room, Khaled was graceful and calm in his response – which just happens to be completely at odds with his response to the situation on Instagram.

What it boils down to is that Khaled was on time, EDC didn’t have his turntables, they couldn’t get the sound to work during his set for whatever reason, and he took what little time he had left in his set, 10-15 minutes worth, to play for his fans and show them love.

See his explanation below.