Odesza is truly one of the leading acts in electronic music — and now you can get inside their brilliant minds — the same minds that created the absolutely stunning 2014 album In Return, and will soon follow up with the highly-anticipated, 16-track record A Moment Apart.

“It’s really important to try new things. And, because of that, I think it’s really important to fail. If you don’t try things differently, it stays stale and you never get to where you really want to be,” Harrison Mills opens the short, yet insightful video.

The electronic duo share exactly what it’s like feeding off each other’s energy in the studio. Ultimately, the back and forth allows them to try new things, with less room to discourage ideas. When it comes to Odesza’s music, failing is encouraged, as well as weird sounds that transform into their melodic masterpieces.

Odesza also shows exactly how the KOMPLETE and MASCHINE tools from Native Instruments help them achieve their incredibly unique, and now iconic sound.

“This newest album is a lot more about growth and progression and maturity. I don’t think we’re trying to reinvent the wheel, it’s really just us pursuing our sound to the fullest,” Mills explains.

“We’ve kind of rediscovered that sound in some sense, and reconnected to it. It has flavors of what was, and is also something new and progressive,” Clayton Knight adds.

The biggest takeaway — it doesn’t need to be “perfect” — just be “raw” and be “you!”

Inside Odesza’s Creative Process


Photo via James Coletta