Concussion Records is a relatively new label out of Orpington in the UK, and little is known about it thus far other than it was began in 2013, re-branded in 2015 and seems to be on the radar of every neuro, sound design and darkstep (yes, darkstep is making a comeback) enthusiast within the last year. In only six major releases, the label has already recruited the likes of NickBee, Respawn and now Allied and Jockjaw. It speaks well for the the label, especially since Noisia Radio and Ninja Ninja have picked up a number of recently released tracks, including “Flow State” off the most recent release, CNCSN006.

“Flow State” is the b-side of “Nth Degree” but Allied, but the collab with Lockjaw on this b side may be the punchier tune. It’s certainly the darker of the two, and it’s certainly already pricked Noisia’s interest. As suggested before, “Flow State” seems to be bringing back a long lost subset of early drum and bass, known at the time as “darkstep.” Some of the older, harder sub genres tend to get lumped in today with neuro or sound design-style drum and bass, but it may be time to bring back these old descriptors. After all, “Flow State” is, indeed, steppy and dark. It seems appropriate, does it not?

“Flow State” might even be intelligent darkstep, and it has a number of other elements from the old masters. A chill, almost ambient intro with low, low synths to compliment the low, low bass and a steppy, double-syncopated beat. The grindy, low synths, steppy beat and a slight ambient tinge continue throughout the track, so it’ll be easily mixable but it also has a nice retro break for more mixing fun. As far as darkstep revival goes, this is the perfect track. If Allied, Lockjaw and Concussion want to keep making releases like this, they’ll certainly continue to get support from all the heavy hitters in drum and bass who love dark tracks, sound design and clean production.

The Nth Degree/Flow State dual single will pre-release on Beatport this Friday, August 11 with a special vinyl release as well. Full release on August 24. To purchase on Beatport, click here.