Dillon Francis is one of the most interesting producers in every way possible and he continues to surprise us each time he sits down for an interview.

Recently, EDMTunes caught up with him before he hit the stage at Voodoo in New Orleans over Halloween weekend. The sit-down revealed Dillon’s true feelings about Halloween, his moombahton roots, forthcoming Spanish album, and most importantly his picks for a fuck/marry/kill involving some of his superstar DJ peers.

Some highlights are below, but make sure to check out the full interview via EDMTunes where he talks social media, getting stitches from a flagrant RC Cola can, his collab with Yung Pinch and more!

Dillon Francis on Halloween…

While he loves role playing, as seen in his comical music video for “Hello There,” Dillon admitted to hating the dress up holiday.

Dude, I’m not a big Halloween guy, I’m not a kid anymore, I just turned 30 so I’m really not a kid anymore. I just, I never really got into it, even being a young kid I was only into Halloween for the candy. So now for me I’m like eh. I’d much rather dress up—for example in my music video I dress up in that—but I’d rather do it for something that’s more worthwhile than just doing it for a night of partying.

Dillon was down to play Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” but that’s where he drew the line.

On his Moombathon roots…

I’ve really honed in a lot with moombahton this year I think, especially because I’m working on an album right now, and a lot of that stuff is in that tempo range, whether it be hip-hop at 110 or 4 on the floor moombahton stuff. I mean, it’s my favorite genre, and working on this album, I’ve re-inspired myself with a lot of the stuff I’ve been doing…

On his forthcoming Spanish album…

Dillon says it’s almost done!

Finishing it up, I should be showing off some of the music next year. Next year I’m gonna start the whole album cycle.

Fuck/Marry/Kill DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, Diplo?

Most importantly, EDMTunes asked the question on all of our minds.

Fuck Diplo, I would kill Martin Garrix, and then I’d marry DJ Snake. I’m sorry Martin, I’m sorry. I don’t know why, I probably should’ve fucked Martin. Fuck.


Source: EDMTunes | Photo via Rukes.com