Kanye West recently made his epic onstage return at Kid Cudi’s show show in Chicago after nearly a year hiatus — and apparently he’s been planning some big things during his downtime!

Kanye’s own company Mascotte Holdings has reportedly filed a U.S. Trademark application for something called “Yeezy Sound.” With the catchy title on lock, the description reads “streaming of music, audio, images, video and other multimedia content over the internet, mobile devices, wireless networks and other computer networks and electronic communications networks.”

Another of Kanye’s new trademarks is described as “retail stores, wholesale stores, mail order services, on-line ordering services and on-line retail store services, and retail store services available through computer communications and interactive television.”

All of Yeezy’s four hopeful trademarks are currently filed under the “intent-to-use” phase.

Nothing is off limits for Yeezy. He’s already conquered rapping, producing, and fashion ventures, and considering his fallout with Jay-Z and Tidal it would only make sense he’d tap into music streaming in his own way.


Source: XXL Mag